Monday, May 23, 2011


If I had a F.A.Q corner this one might be the most frequently asked question by email from babalisme readers: "How do I create a professional looking, coordinating party decoration without spending much money/creating much DIY crafts?".

Fair enough, I think, most of party decorations demolished or even perished/lost/damaged in less than 12 hours after the party started. So, no one wants to really invest much time or money or effort in creating decorations, right? You know how fast party balloons gone? They're quite affordable, thankfully. But here is a little trick to boost extra "oooomphs" and generate extra "aaaawwws" to your party without breaking any bank account: Use cupcake topper ANYWHERE. Yes, I mean it, anywhere. These little dudes are usually easy to make and affordable as well. And..they are so versatile in terms of shapes and wording they can be used anywhere. Here are some of my ideas :

the cupcake topper "modeled" here is free, get it here if you haven't.

I may set the font too small to read so here are what's actually written there :
  • as a cupcake topper, doh!
  • as a party garland
  • as a favor tag
  • as a lunchbag name tag
  • as a lollipop or party straw label
Do you have any ideas on how to make your cupcake toppers work real hard at a party? Or even after the party? Do share with us!


  1. Wine marker - Punch a hole in the center & cut a slit on a stack of them. Set them out with pens for guests to write their names & slip them onto the foot of their wine glass. Perfect for sangria!

    Coasters - Depending on their size, they can be used as coasters too!

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awe, cute ideas! Thanks for sharing! I only want to have a party soon to put into practice all the ideas I've been saving onto my computer, haha. Although, I totally don;t want to host a party because I happen to be a complete wallflower ... oh, well ...

    Hope you've started your week off with a huge smile! :D


  3. These are all such great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Such cute ideas! I think they would also be cute enough to tie together with a ribbon and make 'next to the telephone' pads :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    - the runaway

  5. Good idea!How about as a brooch with ribbon for teenager party, or stuck a lot of them in window box with word letter, and fill the box with chocolate and candy? sounds too complicated?

    Btw, thanks for your nice comment, i take pics with Nikon D70 (now it'sbroken :(), BenQ digital pocket camera and a Samsung handphone, I edit with photoshop.

    Have inspiring day!:)

  6. What cute ideas! And lovely illustrations!!!

  7. What a clever idea! Even your illustration is adorable, so I'm sure these would do a great job of decorating a party. You are brilliant!

  8. aahh ini lucu banget ;p
    untuk inspirasinya kita ada award nih, di lihat yahh


  9. They are great printed on edible paper to put on cookies! see www.vintagecouturediary.com

  10. Awe, cunning ideas! Thanks for divided! I sole treasured to birth a party soon to put into recitation all the ideas I've been saving onto my computer, haha. Although, I totally don;t treasured to server a party because I materialize to be a complete wallflower


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