Monday, May 2, 2011

Ahoy Summer

Hello, everyone! Back from early summer holiday (more of the topic soon), I can't help but thinking about nautical themes on everything! I feel the urge to immediately share the inspiration with you! Just think Donald Duck in St. Tropez! Sands between your toes and cold wind playing with your bed hair. Aquamarine sea under the sun. swoon.
Zara kids' sailor tee.
swoon worthy catalog images from Erin's blog.

Blanco's spring/summer 2011 found here

Table setting by TrelesCreations

Classical tote bag from bayanhippo

I also want to thank you all the positive feedback for Bob's party. Including a feature at
PartyPerfect and CraftGossip. Not to mention the next party issue of InGoodCompany online magazine! Thank you very much!


  1. I always loved sailor stuff and items ^^ so fresh!
    Love that striped tote bag!


  2. Mbak Niiing, how are you?
    I"ve been away from bloggers for quite some times, preparing for my relocation (again, sigh).
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the inspiration, it's refreshing indeed :)

  3. Hi dear! click me to buy fancy vincci shoes! :)

  4. What a lovely collection of photos. Now I'm ready to head to the beach!

  5. This pictures inspired me! :D
    I think I will make a sailor teddy bear version.. it must be cute haha :p

    btw, have you checked my "DianaRikasari teddy bear version" paper bookmark? ;)

    teddy bear princess

  6. Love the striped tote. The price is reasonable too.


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