Friday, April 22, 2011

Wonder Felt Winner

Congrats chimerathreads! You just won a Big Little Felt Universe book from LarkCrafts.

the winner made this! Isn't she awesome?!

Thank you everyone for joining in and I'm so sorry I picked the winner 2 hours earlier, I had plane to catch and I'm worried that in my destination I won't get connection. I had fun anyway! Keep your eyes open for next giveaway!

***edit *** I'm so sorry that I have not heard anything in reply from chimerathreads, I have picked another winner it's #56 theenchantedtree! Congrats, Tree! (Her real name is Tree, I know! How awesome is that! )


  1. so cute!

    have a safe flight! xx

  2. I don't win the giveaway :(
    That's alright, I hope I will win your next giveaway :D

    Thank you for your super sweet comments on my blog :') I would be happy I you want to be my mommy haha :p yes, my grandparents are my biggest fans and I am their biggest fans too <3

    Have a save flight :)

    teddy bear princess

  3. Thank you. I'm very excited I won this book. It looks wonderful.

  4. Nice blog! Keep it up the good work!

  5. It can't really have success, I suppose like this.

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