Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Easter-iffic!

Another bad pun made the headlines. Sorry. Pun really intended because you gotta see what I mean and say (heck, shout) "Easter-iffic" with me.

I'm sure I had once or twice mention jinjerup here on my blog, she's just way too talented! And to celebrate Easter jinjerup teamed up with myowlbarn and share this with us! For Free! How cool is that? Go on take a hike to the owl's nest and indulge yourself in some easter-iffic favor bags. Don't forget to thank them and tell them I sent you. HA! No need to do the later one, but be polite and thank them :)

If you haven't download my own Easter-iffic go right here.

Do you want to create your own Easter-iffic things? GIVEAWAY still runs! go right through here!

Have a nice week!


  1. Awww super cute owl bag ^__^
    Very creative! And a create craftwork for the kids in kindergarten aswell


  2. Thank you very much for featuring the Easter Owl Goodie bag on your fabulously cute blog! :D hugs*

  3. Oh, Ning, that's so sweet! Thanks for sharing. Also adore your tags, you're so generous.

    Camila F.

  4. Thank you for the feature! Have a great weekend!

  5. These are just too cute, and so are your sweet Easter tags! Thanks for bringing all these goodies to us. I can always expect to find something fun when I come to your blog. :-)

  6. what a nice and cute owl bag. it's inspiring me..

    thanka for sharing

  7. woow, so cute and creative! It makes me smile!!
    Hope you have a wonerful weekend!

  8. That is just amazing, Ning! So cute I can hardly stand it!


  9. Super Cute OWL bag, very creative with the color too....
    | Kue Kering | Resep Macam2 Kue |

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