Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paper Wonderland

As you wish, readers. Make some reindeer garland/bunting as in here. How to make it? Remember the children paper bag garland you used to make in kindergarten? Same treatment here. Anyhoo, if you're still puzzled here's how to do it.
  1. trace the pattern into desired card stock/paper of choice, to avoid arthritis I suggest in not much weight than 90gsm.
  2. did you notice the red vertical line on the pattern? that's where you should fold the paper (in accordion fold) and be careful not to cut through that line or your reindeer won't kiss.
  3. once you finish, the reindeer chain will look slightly curved. If you're using A4 paper, and print the pattern by 50%, like I did, you'll need 3 chains of reindeer to make full circle.
Easy peasy. Talking about paper.. I have made and mailed my cards for little.lovely Christmas card project. I thought I told you I got scissors happy this Christmas. My first try on paper cutting, please do gentle criticism. Just kidding. Do harsh criticism if you like. Here's them before they hit the envelope.

My humble "box" tree. :)

This one is, obviously, inspired by 1948 Disney short, Once upon a Wintertime. As a kid I watched this over and over again, swooning to the song and the images. Thanks to youtube, I get to watch it again and again and again...


  1. I won't critize :D
    You're just awesome
    I wish I have more time to learn paper cutting

  2. Woohoo, cool boxes! Love them :)

  3. love it♥
    I will try to make some during my holiday:D

  4. My only criticism would be that you're not my best friend and so I can't tell you in person just how spectacular your paper cuts are! First try? My gracious, I can't imagine what the second try might bring. Thanks so much for sharing.

    P.S. The best friend offer has no expiration date.

  5. I really love your work!it's awosme!!!

  6. Those cards are wonderful! I wish I knew how to do paper cutting, this looks amazing!

  7. no critics :p
    I like it, hope i can do it well...hehehe

  8. these look so great! the extent of my paper cutting is.. making snowflakes. hmm.. sounds like a great idea to pass some time tomorrow!

  9. I LOVE paper! So many awesome ideas. I'll link your blog on my Facebook account, k?

  10. they're just beautiful!!!! I love your blog banner too, gorgeous! you are so clever ;)

    ~ Samone

  11. You're more than awesome! These projects are soo lovely!!

  12. gorgeous cards, wish I was getting one!

  13. The paper cutting is wonderful! It's hard to believe it's your first try!
    Thanks for sharing the deer garland pattern - such a cute idea to make them a wreath.

  14. How did you make that star on the middle of this "box" tree? It is fab!! I just stumbled on your blog and I'm in love!

  15. Simply great!!! I'll try to do it at home, even I know I have not big skills to this kind of art... Anyway I guess if I follow your indications there are not chance to don't achieve my aim.

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