Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Clueless

I'm going to HongKong this week! Yaaay! But this would be Baby G's first overseas trip, her first winter, her first flight, her first adventure to foreign territory!! Oh no! I think it's too much for her little self!! I'm more worried than excited preparing the whole trip, I was anxious the whole time.. "What if she poops on the plane's seat?", "What if she cries loudly and this man/lady besides me give me 'the stare'?" "Do they serve toddler's menu on plane/hotel?" , "What if she refuses to sleep?" etc. etc. I know, I know, I need to get a hold on myself.

It's not only baby G's who is clueless about overseas trip, say hello to her companion, The Pathetic Clueless Mother. To tell you the truth, being dressed in summer muu-muus and short cotton pants with slouchy T-shirts all year, makes me a terrible winter fashion novice. Boots? Coats? Cashmere? How do you tie your shawl? How do you wear your socks? Long? Tucked inside the boots?? I could use one or two winter get-ups tips, if you don't mind sharing...


  1. How exciting! I think you'll have a wonderful time once you get on your way and realize that everything will work out just fine. As for the cold weather, I recommend wearing long socks pulled up high underneath your pants. It also helps to wear warm fabrics such as corduroy, fleece, and flannel. In my opinion, the regular wrap works best for keeping your neck warm with scarves. Here's a video:

    The very first method, which she calls "boring", is what I have found to be the easiest and the warmest. But go ahead and experiment if you decide to make a fashion statement. I'm sure you'll look lovely no matter what you wear. :-) Enjoy the trip!

  2. I hope Baby G enjoys her trip :-)))

  3. Isn't it Baby is you.. hehe... congratzz dear friend kalo begtu... hehe.. your very first trip yahh... i'm wishing that chance too... goodlackk... ^^

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