Monday, December 21, 2009

Doll Printable..Again!

Back by popular demand. In the colors you've been asking for.

And please answer these question while you wait for the download :

  1. It's free, we know it, but it did take a hard work to create, if it's on sale, how much would you spend on this printable? 1 cent is an amount too, dearies...but please consider the hard work :)
  2. I use scribd to store it online, but you have to register to download. Is it a problem? If so, what web do you suggest to store it online? And let it be free too.
  3. Do you need the boy counterpart? ;)
  4. What is the dimension of your cookie trays (lengthxwidth)? Just curious.
Thank you. Enjoy your download. Have a Merry Christmas.

*** if you're having trouble with Scribd, please click here for Googledocs download instead. Thank you! And sorry for the trouble, it's Scribd not me, I'm not affiliated in any way to Scribd.  ***


  1. so cuteable! thank you for your lovely christmas printable. It's a treat!

  2. I am so not a comment person, but I want you to know how much I appreciate the cute dolls and the printables you do. I really appreciate your time and that you are giving them away free. Like so many out there money is tight. We do not have a job right now and are looking for one. So I really appreciate all those talented people and their blogs that share ideas and their talents.
    But I would pay a dollar or two. The way you have us download them is fine for me. Iam not fimilar with a lot of that stuff. But having to sign up is worth it to me. I can do a little work too.
    My cookie sheet is one of those big baking ones. 16 1/2 x 11 1/2
    At least it is for right now. I might try to find some at Goodwill.
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us!! I am very grateful!

  3. Definitely thank you so much for the freebies. They are always appreciated and whatever is convenient for you to post the files I think is the best. I mean, if we want it - something like signing up shouldn't be a huge hassle - as long as it's not spam or advertisement junk. In terms of pricing, definitely a few dollars...if you check online graphic places they sell for those amounts, but you have to put rules for personal use and more expensive for commercial folks. Best of luck to you - have a great Xmas!

  4. Soo cute, babalisme! Here's my answer for your questions:
    1. I agree with julie, a dollar or two. But if it comes in a hardcopy (not softcopy to be printed ourselves), it could be much more expensive... let's say.. 2-3 dollar (in Indonesia it's already expensive for paper toys)
    2. Share it in 4shared or photobucket for free. I don't like a website that forces us to pay T_T coz I don't have that much money..
    3. I think if you include the boy counterpart, kids will use "him" as boyfriend B-) hehe
    4. Never use tray :p

  5. I would be willing to pay 50 cents - $1 per printable. I love your work. Signing up a little annoying, but if you need to do that in order to get compensation I say it it fine.

    Have you considered etsy?

  6. (I think my comment didn´t show up so here it goes again)

    Hi, first of all thank you, I´m always amazed at how talented people such as you produce this wonderful freebies to share.
    then for the questions:

    I live in Argentina, and I´m not very confident for using a credit card on the internet, I see so many wonderfull things out there that would love to buy by maybe making a deposit on some bank or so (I´m talking about printables and stuff, my budget can´t take much more anyway)
    I´m ok with registering and any other "hassle" to get something so lovely for free, no one should complain about that
    I would love to see the boy counterpart, but maybe that´s abusive to request.. jajaj!! Thanks for asking anyway!
    I don´t have a cookie tray so I can´t answer that, I use the oven´s trays and that´s it.

    Well there you go, my little contribution to your questions,



  7. My three year old is still playing with the Halloween dolls daily, so discovering these made for a very exciting morning at our house! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I would pay a couple dollars for a download if I happened to have paypal funds.

    The downloading site works fine for me.

    If you make him, we'd print him! I've already printed some extra outfits and we have a whole elf crew between the now elfed Halloween dolls and these two new friends.

    My cookie sheets aren't magnetic, so we use a Melissa and Doug chalkboard for ours. It's 16x12 inches.

    Thank you again!!

  8. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Blog Printable Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Dec [LA 04:00pm, NY 07:00pm] - 22 Dec [UK 12:00am, OZ 11:00am] ).

  9. I love the dolls! I think I love them sooo much because they are FREE and cute. I use a small baking pan I found at the dollar store. I think it is easy to download...and I am looking forward to a MR. Helper!

  10. I love these! I may not be the best candidate to answer these questions, because I've still never done a printable. But once I've actually printed one, which will hopefully be soon, I'll let you know. :-)

  11. I just found your site and loveeee what you have created!! I am going to make the girl dolls for my nieces and the boy dolls for my boys

    thank you for your generosity!!

  12. THANK YOU!! SO sweet, I can't wait for my daughter to wake up from her nap so we can play with these together!!

    I would def play a dollar or two to download and I know I would pay up to 5 for a pre-printed sheet.

    Signing up is not a problem at all.

    We would LOVE the boy counterpart. Even Stevens!!

    My cookie trays are 16x11.

    One question - when I printed the sheet out it was pretty blurry. Is this normal? If not, what can I do to fix it??

    THANKS again!!

  13. Very cute!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. it is absolutely generous of you!

  15. what cute illustration!! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy holidays!! xoxo

  16. Thank you everyone for your inputs!

    Hope you all are enjoying your printable.

  17. ohh you are just darling!!!! Love these! My kids will love this also!

    I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! I hope your week is going great!

    I was wondering if you could do me a favor and vote for my blog:

    you have to sign up (which is quick) but would really help me! I would love it if you spread the word also!

    Just put in your favorite blog as :

    thank you sweetie!

  18. Thank you for the printable! As for your questions...
    1.)I think it would be a matter of trust. I say this because most printables sell for $3-$6. Personally, I don't like the higher prices because I'll only print something once (whenever I get around to printing it! ink is expensive too!), but I think the price should be higher if someone will print many copies. My advice is this: How much would you charge if you sold it as a print? I think a printable should be 1.5 to 2X more than that since it can be used multiple times. At least, that's the way the online stores I shop at do it.

    2.) I can't remember the name, but there is a free site to upload and download PDFs. I know that PDF was part of the site name, but that's it!

    3.) Would love a boy counterpart!

    4.) My cookie sheets are so old the numbers have worn off.

  19. These are super cute. I'm going to print them off on card stock and laminate them and sew them to some thin magnets for my daughter to play with. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Thanks so much for all you do and your talents! I would be willing to pay a few dollars like the others but so appreciate you offering them for free! I would love boy counterparts to your Christmas dolls since all I have are boys at home!

  21. I have no idea my cookie sheet sizes, lol. I love the free printable though, so cute! I don't mind registering at that site for the freebie. I was already registered & like the site :) 4shared kind of irritates me sometimes.

  22. i do not leave comments usually ut here it goes, i would love to have boy parts, cause i only have boy. honestly if i had to pay it i would go and search some place else not that they are not cute, but web is full of free stuff, which is fine by me with being a stay at home mum and not getting paid for it. acrobat reader works for me but dont know if it is free to upload. cookie trays you mean, have lots of those, many sizes. happy holidays

  23. Love this! Thank you! I would pay a couple of dollars for future dolls... but for now I am going with the 'pay it forward' attitude and try to use my talents to help others just as you do!

  24. Thank you for these cute little dolls. I really enjoyed the Halloween one from a couple of months ago too! Thanks for your hard work.


  25. It's beautiful! thank you for the freebie! I would pay maybe $2.50 for the electronic file. Thank you soooooo much! I am printing out crafts and stuff to make goodie bags for in-patients in the pediatric division at our local oncology hospital where our 5 year old is a patient. I am always looking for in-expensive ways to help make the kids happy while they are at the hospital. Thanks again!!!

  26. Thank you so much for the sweet dollies. My girls will love to play with them.

  27. So cute! Thanks for all your hard work. I'd pay about a dollar in this economy :). We don't use cookie sheets...the fridge works. We'd love a boy version :).

  28. Thank you so much! My daughter gets so excited when she sees one of your dolls. She loves the boys too. I would gladly pay to get these on a site like Etsy. Maybe go and have a browse at what other people are offering at what price. Have a look at paper glitter I think her stuff is similar to yours. I think its usually about $2-$3 to buy a PDF download like that. The site you you use at the moment is a bit of a pain.

  29. I don't really have a cookie sheet that I use. we have a large filing cabinet that the kids can use the side of.

    I would pay about a dollar to two for this as it's really beautiful.

    my son would LOVE a boy version :)

    I have no problem with logging in via facebook, totally worth while imo.

    - thanks for a great printable, perfect today as all the schools are closed.

  30. Scribd is kind of a pain because they want you to upload something. I don't really make much that anybody would be interested in? I'd pay 50c-$1.

  31. Thanks for the freebies. My girls love them (even the boy ones). I would pay up to $5 depending on how many pieces there are. As for uploading, Scribd is a PAIN! you have to either upload something of yours (I'm sorry, just not that creative, that's why I want to print other people's stuff) or pay for a membership. If it was just registering I wouldnt have a problem with that. But if an item is archived, you have to upload or pay. Bummer!!!!! I have missed many of your cute paperdolls because of this, including the two Christmas ones you have up know. You could use 4shared ( I know several bloggers who do) or GoogleDocs. I have never used either site to upload anything, but I have downloaded many things from both sites. My girls don't use a cookie sheet. I just print the dolls and clothes on card stock and they cut them out. My printer cant handle the magnetic paper.

  32. AdORable!
    I'd pay $3-$4 for this printable.
    The boys are nice, but not necessary.
    Thanks so much!

  33. Hi. So are these not free anymore? I just posted this on my site as a free printable, but Scribd is asking for payment. Can you please email me at

    My readers have a lot of questions. It is now saying $5 to download or pay $59 per year to them for a subscription. Just want to let my readers know if they are to pay or not. Thanks:-)

  34. to all...,

    thank you so much for liking my printable! I really appreciate it!

    About Scribd new regulation, sadly, that's new. by the time I post this printable it's not like this. Scribd is free to all just like facebook. However I have tips to outsmart Scribd, go on and try :)

    1. Upload anything to the site. Even no brainer like Grocery shopping list, kids song lyrics, lemonade recipe. you'll be granted life long account at Scribd.

    2. you can actually print the file on site at Scribd without having download it first to your computer. just click the "print" button located near left on any file you wish to print. Saves time and hard disk space.

    If you are still facing difficulty on both options, please feel free to email me at babalisme at yahoo dot com. However, the files sent through email are usually compressed. So, best resolution for the printable is from Scribd.

    thanks a lot, ladies!

  35. I really love the printables I would probably pay $2 for them.
    I don't like Scribd. I am fine having an account, but when I went to print these, it made me upload a document. I wasn't real pleased with that, but otherwise I don't know where you would store them.
    Thanks a ton though

  36. So, I do not really consider it may have success.

  37. Thank u! I'm going to use it for school really thank u!

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  39. My goodness your printables are adorable. Unfortunately I found your site a little to late to get your Christmas items for free. Have you considered using google docs. I don't know if you know that after 3-4 weeks of items being on scribed they archive them and you have to pay to download them. Which I think personally stinks and is unfair to you the creator. Why should they have a charge if you don't, plus you are not receiving anything for it. Just my opinion. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

  40. Hi,
    I love your printables, they are so adorable! Although I can't figure out how to down load them. Am I suppose to upload something before I can download it? or am I suppose to pay for it? I am so confused. I might pay .50 to $1 for them. I can't remember what else you asked, but please let me know how I am suppose to download these, I love them! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  41. Hi there,
    What lovely paper dolls you designed! You really have talent! It looks like they are now only available if you register for premium scribid and pay, so I couldn't download them. They really are so pretty though! Thank you!

  42. I would pay a $1 US. Maybe try dropbox to host them. Or the googledocs seems to be working good. The scribd or whatever it is is just annoying and if you don't get any money from it, then host somewhere else.

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  44. I just love all of your work, and would pay $1-2 for a digital download. I have printed out all of your paper dolls and put them on magnetic paper and my niece absolutely LOVES her "dollies"! Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing.

  45. I'd pay $1 but package deals are even better 3/$2..we are a low income family so I'd have to LOVE them to buy them. I'm on scribd already so that isn't a problem for me. But GoogleDocs would be probably the all around best since its PC and mac friendly. As for the paper dolls, a boy counterpart would be great. My son is 3.5 and does imaginative play with his sisters and likes to be included with this type of activity but he is very BOY. so male counterpart would be really great for him. As for my cookie sheets? I have 18" round stoneware,10 x 13 stoneware and 3 metal ones: 11.25 x 9.25 in, 13.25x10.25 in and 15.25 x11.5 in. Thank you so much for the freebies! It really helps keep things fun and festive for those of us who can't afford much otherwise. I really appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm!

  46. If this was a downloadable printable, say on Etsy or something. I would probably pay $3+. If it came with instructions on how best to print it. I'm having a little trouble getting them to print without having some of the dolls look a little pixled. They print great smaller but then they aren't big enough for play. Either way my niece and nephew will love them.
    I do need the boy however I figured that if I print them all to the same size I could just gift them the boy from the halloween set and they could dress him up as the elf. And if I had time I thought I might make more clothes to fit them.
    I am going to print them on magnets for a 2 year old and a 6 year old; so my cookie sheets are going to be about 9X13. A little smaller if I can get them. I was just planning to use the 98 cent ones from wal mart.

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