Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm so much exhausted (and excited as well) after Baby G's birthday party I caught a flu, yes, now I'm a TB positive mom who also have a flu. Great. I wear mask everyday worrying if I can pass those horrible things to Baby G. So, I'm still processing photos of the party, you guys might want to be patient for a while.

And I just came to realize that, Baby G's, technically, graduated to toddler stage!! Yaaay!
She has taken her first steps, been toilet trained (poo only, pee still misses occasionally), and babbled her first words (bab-bab for balloons and mamam for makan, Indonesian for "eat"), but I must admit there are some things I miss from her baby stage. That's life, afterall.

Being a mom, successfully (hey, at least she grows taller!) over the baby phase, I'd like to conclude 5 things I love the most from little babies;

  1. Their smiles, and the fact that it takes an effort to make them smile, it just make the smiles much much more precious.
  2. Their smell. Have you ever wonder, even if you use the same baby products on toddlers and older children, they don't smell the same way again. mm...
  3. Their dependencies to you. Someone's life solely depends on you and you only, at least for the first months. I never feel this much important in my life.
  4. Their faces. I'm not against adoption, it's a very important option to save many children's lives, but nothing beats a resemblance. You look at a face and how much it looks like you and/or your spouse. It's so magical!
  5. Their chubby arms and legs and tiny little fingers.
If you have one or two, or even three, you'll know what I am talking about. If you haven't got any, please consider having one after reading this. :)


  1. The second picture is priceless!!
    It's so scary to think of having a baby, but reading your posts on your baby make it seem sooo easy!

  2. B! Flu and TB? Not fun, I'm sure. But It's good to see you back and blogging! I've missed you! Baby G is so precious! Chubby fingers are one of my favorite things about babies. ^_^

  3. I'm sorry to hear you have the flu! What a shame, I hope you get better soon sweetie. Talking of sweetie's, I love the photo of your two! I love babies too, so much that I had five xo

  4. aww!! so cuuuuute! was lovely reading what you love about babies :) x

  5. all the photos are smashing!! but my favourite has to be the one with her daddy.

  6. These photos are so precious! Baby G is one of the most adorable kids I've ever seen. Cute babies definitely do make me wish I had one of my own...

    I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm sending you lots of "Get Well" wishes!

  7. I love how babies laugh. I challenge anyone to not be happy after hearing it! Plus it is so fun to tickle those cute little toes, and watch their eyes light up in anticipation when they see your wagging finger coming at them!

  8. Did I read that you have poo trained a one year old? How in the world have you accomplished that?

  9. Seems like picture #2 is an instant favorite. :D I love it too and no, I don't direct the Dad to sleep beside G. It was purely intentional.

    Thank you for the get well wishes too!

    GG - I never put G into a "by the book" toilet training, she initiated it herself! since she's about 7 months old she always holds her poo until her face turning red, refusing to let it go in her diaper, so I always rush her to her potty when she signals it. I'm lucky I guess. But of course, there are always time when things go wrong :)

  10. I hope you get better soon!

    Your list is so very true!! I love my baby niece's smiles and chubby hands/feet!

  11. The 2nd pic is my favorite too.. so cute! She looks so much like daddy! Pls do one with yourself sleeping beside baby G the next time round and I'll tell you which of her features look like mommy. :) Thanks for sharing these precious photos with us!

    Get well soon~

  12. awww, so sweet!! I love babies. I can't wait to see my baby cousins when I come home to Indonesia. Too bad I'm still far away from having one of my own - to the disappointment of my mum who REALLY wants a son-in-law and grandchild! hehe, the joys of the jomblo life.


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