Friday, September 11, 2009

drip. drop.

April has long gone, but there's always an excuse to get lost in the melancholy of rain. You can always tell that I'm a big sucker for rain (no, not the Korean artist, the water-y thing falls from the sky, he's fine, but..oh well, you know what I mean). Yes, you can tell I'm a fan from the blog header, even if you're a reader from the very first babalisme's post, here's my header back then..

Rainy, eh? So, if you're in the mood of some shower, I just found this great site with a huge dedication to melody, Lullatone . Shawn, the owner, is a very nice young man (now I sound like an old granny) and he has this very cute little baby, Niko! You should drop by sometimes. Also recommended is Lullatone's raindrop melody maker game, trust me, you wouldn't stop!! I think it's a good game to play on rainy day (or not) with the kids too! I play and listen to this all day.

Am I not getting you in the mood enough? Well, let's feast ourselves into these raindrop beauties.. and a little shopping of rain related stuffs doesn't hurt either!

mobile rain in various colors by leptitpapillon
raincloud print by GollyBard

how cute is this little raindrop felt from CocolocosFeltDesign?

Raindrop girl, anyone? What a doll! by thepoppytree


  1. How sweet! I think rain is such a wonderful thing. I love the way it smells, and how the sky gets dark, and the way the plants seem extra happy and green when it's all over with. What an adorable post!

  2. This is adorable! For a second I thought you were showing off more talented projects.
    I always loved rainy days!

  3. lol the raindrop girl is so so cute! love your designs :) x

  4. i found that melody maker once but i lost the link and couldn't find it again! thank you so much for posting it! :))))) it's sooooo cute and beautiful, and ADDICTING! one day i'd love to use this on my future baby. :)

    and i LOVE art relating to the beauty of rain. these pictures you've included are amazing and beautiful. :)

    so glad to see you blogging more! i always look forward to the cuteness you bring with them! :)

  5. Thanks for a lovely rainy, sweet post. I love your rain drop finds xo

  6. i had a little play and yes it is addictive. i will come back when i have some spare time. thanks nanna

  7. Thank you for the feature! Love this rainy day collection!

  8. I used to just like the rain, but after the beautiful things you found I think it finally made its way into my "love" column. How cute inspiring those drops are!

  9. So Lovely :)
    Thank you for your feature!

  10. I love the smell of rain! Perfect weather to sleep at home too. :)
    The mobile rain by leptitpapillon is so sweet!

    To answer your question, I wasn't at Carrie Chau's art exhibition though I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to (think I'm sounding like a teenage girl obsessively crazy over her idol). Sadly, I've never been to Hong Kong before. Can you speak cantonese?

  11. it's raining and cloudy here in new york :( i wish it wasn't!

  12. The little raindrop girl is really cute but I still prefer the sun :-)))

    I hope your feeling better now.

    Baby G's photos are lovely!

  13. I love the rain drop shapes! The last DIY I did was cutting rain drop shapes from denim and sewing it on a tank top (perhaps you've seen it already in my blog ages ago)

  14. woow, they are so cute!! We had a storm here yesterday. Lots of rain... but I do like to have a rainy weather sometimes. I love the color of trees and leaves after the rain...

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