Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fabric Covered Buttons

Aren't they the sweetest? While I was browsing at Etsy today, I found this wonderful shop that offers fabric covered buttons, and only them, seriously. BlueManatee Button specialized on one thing and one thing only to be craved about. Well, the owner seems to have another shops selling craft supplies, gifts, and even tutorials, but the button shop is one very special dedication, I must say. Just take a peek at these babies, and oh, I love the fairy tale set.

They're not expensive either!! Well, if you're a big cheapskate or have an abundant pile of scrap fabrics lying around, you can always rely on our favorite bloggers for your own DIY fabric covered buttons.

from the always resourceful HowAboutOrange.

from the entertaining crafter, Lollychops.

from (hey, have you checked out her hand carved stamps?) CraftPudding.

Happy button covering.


  1. those are really cute.. cute as a button ;p ;p

  2. woow, they are so cute!! I would love to make some too... so inspiring!!

  3. These are beautiful! I'm a big fan of fabric-covered buttons too. And I agree, the fairytale set rocks! :-)

  4. You know how obsessed I am with BTC! Thanks for featuring my linky!!!!


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