Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally, babalisme the blog!

Finally after all these year everyone keeps talking about blog this and blog that, I dare myself to start my own blog! Yipee! I am not much a techno savvy kind a person so it's a little scary for me. I'll take one baby step at a time.

As a starter and a natural born scatterbrain, I'd like to introduce (and limit myself) to what will I talk about in this blog from now on till near future.

  1. Arts, illustrations, prints, design, crafts, and you know, all those beautiful things.
  2. My own job (oh yes, I'm a freelance designer/illustrator), commission, and daily deadlines.
  3. Inspirational stuffs from everywhere, I like movies, books, and life to help me illustrating.
  4. A little bit of my personal life, just a little sneak peek!

That is all and here are some of my previous works on display. If curiosity kills you, take a look here for more of my past illustrations.

Hope I'll be welcome well. Sigh.

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