Monday, June 3, 2013

Shop Spotlight : Tee Tick Personalized T-Shirt

Remember when you're in a team, and you'll always have to make a "team" matching t-shirts for everyone in the team? I used to be that one person assigned with that job. I don't know, maybe they trust me because of t-shirt designing ability? Little did they know, designing and actually making one are on a whole lot different levels. And finding the one shop that can deliver what you design, obviously on a budget is pretty challenging.

Ok, luckily that was about 10 years ago. Now, with a click of mouse you'll get thousands of shops to choose from and they will be willing to deliver the finished t-shirts right in your doorstep. Convenience! Yes! Now, I'm not guiding you to ALL the shops, but here's one that you should try if you need any clothing, not only t-shirt, customized. Meet Tee Tick!

Now a bit about the shop ..

"TeeTick is a private label clothing manufacturer where its customers can order their own personalized clothing for personal use, group/team use, or for their clothing brand at affordable prices.

Founded in Vietnam by a group of four creative, experienced and ambitious people who are passionate and strive for meeting the demand and the expectations of customers by creating quality personalized clothing "made in Vietnam", TeeTick offers printed and embroidered personalized t-shirts, poloshirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, and jogging bottoms for men, women, and children. The company allows its customers to personalize their clothing with their own logos and text so that each item uniquely meets each customer's specific requirements. 

Being based in Vietnam allows TeeTick to offer amazing wholesale rates for the very affordable and great quality personalized clothing. Also, due to their positive trade status with the USA and E.U, the regulations for importing clothes from Vietnam are more agreeable. As a result, these competitive advantages make TeeTick become the “supplier of choice” for any clothing brands in the United States, Australia, UK and the rest of Europe. They bring together skills in sourcing fabric, sewing, printing, embroidery, labeling to ensure the clothing they manufacture helps their clients’ clothing to stand out from the crowd. TeeTick will only offer you the best quality personalized clothes at the most cost efficient rates. That is a guarantee!"

all pictures taken from TeeTick's Facebook page, custom children clothings and printed bag divisions. 
Had they said they're not making T-shirt? They're doing custom dresses, printed bags, jeans, pants, hats, .. almost any items of clothing you'd need! They are a basically clothing manufacturer who accept your personal orders. And they offer not only printing, but also embroidery to adding embellishments! I'm mostly intrigued about their children and maternity line. You know how lovable that maternity t-shirt that said 1 month, 2 months, ... or about a gender reveal, or maybe the one with a cute little foot prints on them? (They're all over pinterest, search them if you must) Now, that's only one idea from me to contact TeeTick immediately and order some personalized tee. What' s your idea for a customized clothing?

Ps. TeeTick ships worldwide and have shipped to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France.
The shipping cost is approximately US$6.00 - US$7.00 per kilogram. 


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  2. A nice description to attract costumers, the company also provides requirements if you order personal design and color printing.

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