Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2 Minute (or less) Nail Art

Unless you've been living under a rock (..or away from Pinterest and beauty blogs, that is), at some point of your idle time you must have considered doing your own nail art. I too have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to that, ehem, obviously. But as much as I'm good with paint, on paper, I have less luck when it comes to paint (polish?) on nails. Every time I look at those pretty nail art, the "ain't nobody got time fo that" meme lady came to my mind. Not to mention on how pricey DIY nail art can be.

So here I am, presenting to you, the much obvious DIY, "Duh"-it-yourself, affordable, very quick version of the lovely nail art revolution. Forget scotch tape (because, heaven lord, who has time to actually wait your polish to be dried, scotch tape a stripe pattern, and wait for another good 20 minutes to see results? cue meme lady ..).

All you need here are ...

Look I don't even need to put a step by step photos for you, do I? 

The steps are, duh... paint your nails, wait for it to dry, scribble away with the marker, and splash that clear top coat on. This is mine and Big Sis G's own result (yep she did all the things herself, nail polishing, scribbling, the whole nine yards). We're doing it in less than 2 minutes. If a 4 year old can easily do it, so can you. Experiment with various patterns, I'm doing chevrons, polkadots and stripes here :)

So, do you have any ideas or plans for summer nails? 


  1. Cute.. love the color combo too.. :)

  2. Adorable:) And I love the little illustrations too, especially that cute girl<3

  3. cute, funky nail art! i love your quirky illustrations too.

  4. I <3 it. very nicely done. I am fan of this post.

    first image is really nice.


  5. cute! love the gold accent. I'm terrible at nail art but this seems simple enough, I might give it a go :)

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