Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pick your Gender!

It's that time again for Babalisme's annual Free Party Printable kit. This time, instead of getting to choose between 2 themes, I'll let you choose between 2 genders.Yes, I know, it's as cheesy as celebrity baby sex guess in tabloids (yeah yeah Snooki's reveal and Jessica Simpson mega shout-out about hers), but I'm so pregnant that all I keep thinking about are babies. Please think of this as my own gender reveal, DIY style :)

Even if you're not planning any babies after all or baby shower parties aren't really on your agenda, please DO VOTE. I promise I won't make the whole kit too "baby-ish", for example, the boy party kit would be still proper for a little boy's birthday, family gathering in man-ly moods, or even a casual lunch with your besties. I pledge there will be no pacifiers or diapers graphic!

Vote away, GIRL or BOY?

ps. I will be doing a free printable based on your vote, not my own baby gender. but I will also reveal my baby gender along with the result :)


  1. I'm glad to see you back! I vote BOY :)

  2. i vote girl! (since that is what I'm due to have this sept)

  3. I vote Boys since everyone I know is having boys right now.

  4. BOY!!!

    I'm having a boy and my baby shower theme was 'LITTLE MAN" it was very beatiful and masculine at the same time...

  5. girl girl girl pleaeaeaese!

  6. BOY! Please, oh please, boy is harder to find and seldom fun.

  7. Boy please! The girls get all the cute stuff!

  8. I really want to vote both!! haha :)
    after long and hard decisions, I choose BOY! :p (because mustache is popular right now)

    Welcome back! :) I'm also just come back from my long hiatus hehe :p
    Annnd congratulation on the baby! :D

    Love love,

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  10. very cute! as always :D


  11. I pick a girl because I seriously feel that there should be more girls than boys in this world.

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