Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Boy Party Kit : Invitation

Now you have a party to throw, why not invites some friends? Here is a fill in the blank invitation to print. Just print along accordingly to your number of guests, and well, um... fill in the blank parts.

Well, not all the blank parts shown written on the example should be filled, for instance the blue ribbons can be left blank if you wish. The RSVP part could also be left empty or filled with another details (dress code?).

It's your party, anyway, so have fun and fill those blanks as you'd wish. Don't forget, I won't mind a few DIY alteration and creative embellishment, send us a photo of your creations! But please remember to use the file for PERSONAL USE only, and if your friends ask for it, give them the link, not your copy :) . Have fun inviting!


  1. This would be so cute for a little guy! I'll have to show it to my sister-in-law, maybe she'll want to use it for my nephew. ;-)

    Nice work!

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  4. I LOVE the invite, but I am one that doesn't like to send out things hand written in my sloppy mess!. Would you possibly consider emailing an editable file? I promise I will not be sharing or posting it anywhere! jrstephens@bellsouth.net

  5. can you email me a typeable invite? i have tried to download this over and over and it makes me install 10 things before i do.


  6. this is soooo cute Im gonna show this to my nephew and he'll be soooo excited for his 5th birthday. :)


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