Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zine Crush

Have I mentioned that I'm a magazine addict? Though I can't deny that the existence of blogs and e-zines has significantly decreased my appetite for monthly subscription. Funny, even some big name magazines have an online version now. But sometimes good things can only be seen, felt, and touched in paper and prints. If you're an old dog like me (and in the mood to really feel the paper while you read, just curious, when is the last time YOU read from a real piece of paper theses days?), these are an array of lovely magazines out there, which stands tall against tsunamis of blogs. Go visit a stall and grab a chewing gum too while you're there.

hello, sandwich. pic from here

Marche (in Japanese) pic from here

Lula. pic from here.

seriously, Martha? Where would we be without you? pic from here.


  1. hello sandwich is on my wishlist. Too cute!!

  2. lovely books! I love American Craft and Design books! but I can't buy any, I live very far!

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  4. I still enjoy a good magazine. Home, garden, and craft magazines are my favorite. In fact, I was thinking about going to pick up a few from the bookstore today!

  5. i am in love with sommerset mags....such wonderful eye candy!

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