Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Olive All Over

(this is going to be my shortest post introduction ever, behold!)

My current color crush: Olive. Swoon.

1. Satin Tunic from ZARA 2. Cushion cover from Turquoise Tumbleweed 3. Baby girl prewalker slippers from bonnienluebelle 4. Quilt from urbanoutfitters 5. print from jenskelley 6. Bag from Balenciaga Resort collection 2011, pic from here.


  1. I totally obsessed with 'nature' colors such as kaki, gray and of course olive ^^
    Love the choices you pick!


  2. I love the tunic! ;)

    hope you're having a great week!


  3. You sure picked the nicest things. I love olive green with sunny yellow.

  4. salam persohibblogkan gan
    blog walking gan :D

  5. This post doesn't have to be long, because I'm completely dazzled by this collection! Olive is a very pretty color. It's so versatile too, I love that.

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