Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back from Blogging Slumber

Hi all. I hope you are wondering about my sudden hiatus and I shamefully admit that I hope you miss me. Seriously. OK, don't take that seriously, I was joking. So, where were I? (though you might be possibly asking : where are our printables?) I'll give you a hint.

It's a sidewalk picture. Yes. Look closely. Well sit back, not that close, you'll ruin your make up and your monitor.

Need another hint? Happiest place on earth.

Still not getting it? Probably 0.099% of you are.

Give up?

Well, I went to Disneyland, dearies! Baby G's poppa suddenly had this urge to go to Hong Kong Disneyland and he booked the tickets quite suddenly too. Oh, how I used to love his spontaneity on our first dates. With a baby along, not so much. So, up we go on the airplane and leaving my blog behind. I'm sorry for not taking more pictures of our adventures there, I had a tantrum throwing baby on hand and my husband, well, not a camera person. Here's a decent one I can think of...

She didn't seem very pleased riding the Cinderella's Carousel. This photo was taken a bit after the gate was open and 15 minutes waiting in line crying and complaining under the hot sun. My advice to other parents, take toddlers to Disneyland on spring or autumn or winter weather, hot temperature tends to break them on tantrums in line. Or avoid waiting in lines altogether by visiting on weekdays and non public holidays.

There goes my hiatus excuse post. And I want to tell you that I miss you guys, a lot. Seriously.


  1. how absolutley gorgeous is your little girl!! that photo is fantastic, and even if it was the only one you took, its just great! Hope you had a great time. I have neglected my blog of late but I have no excuse haha!
    Thanks for the update, nice to hear you enjoyed yourself.
    CLare x

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're back! I missed your posts. Although I'm happy you had some wonderful and fun time with your family, hehe.

    Super tight hug!


  3. baby g is sweet no matter what her mood is!! lovely to see you back in blog land.


  4. Welcome back! I grew up in HK, though in the pre-Disney days. I think it's important to take holidays, so fully support your absence though look forward to your new posts. With very best wishes, Greta

  5. I DID miss you! Really! I came to your blog and put on a sad face when you weren't here. You're more special than you realize! I'm sorry you had a difficult time on your trip. Maybe it will be better next time!

  6. welcome back, did miss your blog x

  7. hai mom.. i miss you too.. ^^, Gee, baby is sudah besar yah mom.. :)

  8. If you come to Disneyland California, I have a pass, and I live ten minutes from it. I love Disneyland


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