Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Why didn't I see all the formatting button when I post?

How do I put links and pictures?


  1. Oh I´m dying to help you but I don´t quite understand your questions? Is there something wrong with blogger? have you suddenly forgot how you did it before? Maybe you could give more detail?

    Not in the best moment to say but I love you blog... been following for some time now.

    Anyway I hope me or someone else helps you soon!


  2. did you mean the toolbar?
    previously I have experienced it and this what i do

    when you are writing (new post), check whether the tab on the compose or on the edit html tab?
    it should be on the compose

    check setting - basic - global setting
    use the updated editor :)

    anyway i <3 your blog

  3. Little Miss Kay : Yaay! Thank you for your tips, it worked! I'm such a dork I even updated my mozilla twice because that's what the help desk told me to do.

    Once again, thanks!

    And to you too, Patricia!

  4. Oooouch! Is it just me or the new post composing box is a real pain in the..er.. you know.

    I can just upload the images one by one, I can't cut and paste the image within the text anyway I want, and I can't insert a text among the images like I used to.

    Is it just me?

  5. haha you are not a dork, all you need is get used to it :D
    you can upload several photo..
    and when you click the image icon again it will appear there..

    but if you don't like the compose mode just hide it
    setting - basic - global setting - hide compose mode

    it nice to know i can help yay :woot:
    *sorry for my bad english*


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