Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giveaway Presents..

After the giveaway winning streak last week, here comes the collecting times..
First it was the Shopbop US$100 GC I won down at hotchocolatemint. It was the biggest package and you know who would be delighted unwrapping it. I took Charlotte Ronson Gray Suede Ankle Boots, So Low liquid leggings, and Free People Cropped Tee, all for a nice round of 100.

 ..and see who is coming home...
Next is a vintage bag from RevolvingStyles I won at MuchLove...

..and pretty little package from TeaandCeremony, a prize from SweetTidings giveaway.. 

What's more ironic? My mom who is a big fan superstitious thingy , checked my 2010 luck yesterday and it turned out real bad I should have been hiding under my bed by now. Anyhoo..ready to test your luck own luck? How about winning this gorgeous necklace down at Grosgrain?


  1. yay for you!! you deserve it..those shoes are killer, hope they fit :)

  2. Well, if your bad luck has you winning giveaways, where can I get some bad luck for myself?!?! :)

  3. Rosey:Yessss they're killing me! I'm currently looking for an excuse to wear those pairs. :)

    Tuppence : Throw away all your rabbit's foot... :D

  4. hehe you're on a giveaway winning roll! congrats, girl!

  5. Amazing!!! Those shoes are incredible! Congratulations on all the winnings, I hope you enjoy them to the fullest xx


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