Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet Matryoshka Bag

I just purchased a new bag for, mmm, how long? 3 years maybe? My old one is already giving up on its term (thank you!!), and I bought this messenger one to replace it.

To make this month really bag worthy I won a vintage bag down at muchlove from revolving styles. Now I have two bags! :D


  1. Oooh its so very very pretty! You should check out Beaky on Folksy.com, she does loads of things with Matrioshkas! SO cute! Xx

  2. How cute!! I love the pink cat mixed in with the female characters. You got a great bag!

  3. So very cute. I love a good bag. When you are a mom, you start to carry a lot more than before. I have snacks and crayons on hand at all times, and sometimes a dinosaur makes in there.

  4. I was watching a travel show on tv earlier on. They showed some Russian dolls and I thought 'hey, they're soooo lovely.' Now you got a bag with the pretty dolls!

  5. Christy : I bought it here http://minnashop.multiply.com/photos/album/30/Ready_Stock_Super_Lover_Bags_, but I'm not sure if they're shipping overseas...you should ask them :) maybe we can have a matching matryoshka bag!


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