Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chinese New Year Packet

This the time of the year for greedy little children. To those of you celebrating Chinese New Year every year, you know what I mean, for those who don't, there's always time for a little trivia. Each year, instead of getting colorful wrapped up presents like Christmas, all Chinese kids get the "raw thing" tucked safely inside a red packet. To make things even smoother for the kids, they can rob not just Santa (a.k.a their parents) but also every living adults related to them in any ways, nice, eh? And don't worry if you're hitting 18 this year, you're still getting the red packet until you are married, yes even when you're 40.

So, why don't you enjoy one nice little packet download and share nice things around. Yes, when you're not celebrating, you can fill it with anything and give it to someone nice you know. It also looks good for the upcoming Valentine's day (massage coupons, anyone?)

Anyway, it's the year of the tiger. :)


  1. this is the cutest chinese packet ever! thank you sweetz!

  2. This is the first printable Chinese New Year envelope I've seen. Very cute.

  3. RARW!

    I love this little packet Ning! How FUN!

    Thanks for sharing the details on the tradition behind them as well! That makes it even more special!


  4. I love this cute chinese packet!! Are you planning to do something special for Chinese New Year?

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. Wow.. a printable chinese new year packet! You're at it again. Plus, I'm really sick of seeing bright RED packet even if it says 'red' packet. This is something different and I like it. :)

    I'm turning 28 this year and still getting my red packets!!! hee hee!


  6. hey heyy~~
    i'm visiting youu^^

  7. Super cute money envelope! Thanks for sharing...I created a uber traditional red and chinese girl one, but this is cooler!

  8. Jess : It's so nice to be a part from your first experience, what an honor! :)

    Lolly : TIGER HUGS!

    natsumi : I'm planning on stuffing my red packet with worms and bugs instead of money, to see how the kids would react, and of course I'm joking :)

    Rheea : go get a spouse :D

    linda : still, I want to see your red packet!

  9. This is the first printable Chinese New Year envelope I've seen. Very cute.

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