Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet the Mind Behind Hello Kitty

I don't know about how regular designers or artists work, but I am such a scatterbrain and easily bored that when I work, it is not always on schedule, say like in 1 month I definitely finish 2 illustrations. Sometimes I am very productive, and sometimes ideas don't seem to come by my side. And sometimes, in the middle of a project, I get bored and my work is simply awful for the rest of the project. I know. I am irresponsible and unprofessional. But I'll learn.

In my disgust of myself, I'd like to introduce a woman who has been designing the same project from 1980's. Well, the project is nothing ordinary, since it's Hello Kitty brand from Sanrio. Meet Yuko Yamaguchi sensei, Hello Kitty brand designer for everything Kitty related stuff you can buy. Imagine that you have to come up with new design every year/occasion about the same expression-less cat. Imagine that! And she always surprises us for almost 3 decades! Her design is nothing ordinary or lame, though, I think Kitty herself is boring, but Yamaguchi sensei has been the ultimate stylish for Ms. Kitty. Check her latest Kitty makeover for 2009. It's Hello Kitty, the side silhouette! How stylish is that! For sale now on Japan!

You can check Yamaguchi sensei's blog here, it's in Japanese though.

By the way I just knew that Kitty's last name is White. Kitty White. Hello, Kitty White. Umm..It's strangely familiar.

Thanks to Takako.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It's very inspiring, especially since I totally understand what you're saying about being in that creative rut. :)

  2. yes! I can't imagine dedicated to the same work from 1980's until now!

    I admire her!

  3. WOW. Madam Hello Kitty! I'd love to meet her. I've got so many questions!

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