Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fantastic Toys, literally!

Meet Fantastic Toys who made really fantastic toys! My, he's really talented! All of his stuff have taken me back when chewing gum was a big matter, blowing it into a bubble was definitely a bigger matter, when holding a stick of a lollipop was heaven, and when all you need in the world is a white pony with pink mane. You'll be amazed at numerous things he creates, a certain little girl's wonderland, and aren't we all little girls inside?

Plushies, paper dolls, and everything nice! If you have the sudden urge to own these lovelies visit his shop, now! Drop him a nice comment too on Fantastic Toys' blog. And if you are really inspired, well, be more inspired by his turorial and freebies printable on his website.

via Bukubuku.

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