Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sasi's Vintage Toys Birthday Party!

Remember when I told you that coincidentally I always landed on an attractive looking customers? Either toddlers or adults? Here's another fine example. It's a long due post, but I am glad to design the party and so much pleased with the results. Look at that. Sasi is a one good looking little girl, don't you think? Pira, her mom, asked for a theme of a vintage doll, the illustration must resemble Sasi. That wouldn't be a hard work since Sasi already look so dolly-like and so much adorable! 

Since we don't want to go full throttle on a girly doll theme (Sasi enjoys lots of outdoor-sy fun instead of having a tea party with her dolls), we decided to do a vintage toys theme, everything from bikes, rocking horses, and of course, a doll!  

Being the crafty mom, Pira did a really great job, just look at her go! I am mostly fond of the goodie bag she screen-printed herself using my printable! Ain't that cute? The guests will have something cute to tote about. 

And here's the goodie bag's fillings. Lots of happy things. Sasi is particularly gets excited blowing bubbles in her free time, so why not a free bubble for everyone? 

Enjoy more party pictures!!

Thank you Sasi and Pira for having me! Hope you had a blast to remember! 


  1. Very cute and creative! ♥ Sasi is a real doll, she's so adorable!

  2. is amazing,, so sweet,, i like it,, salam kenal dari kain tenun ikat

  3. Thank you for posting it, Ning! We truly enjoy putting together all of your beautiful illustration of Sasi. All of the guests just couldn't keep their hands off them .. especially the tote bag!

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