Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Giveaway : Mark your place!

I have been taking Christmas orders since October, so, yes, carols are blasting from around Halloween in my home to get my spirit and inspiration in tune with the theme. I heard lots of people complaining when they hear Christmas related songs in public places on November, but hey, some of us need the spirit!

So, yes, I have been all about Christmas. This year, I have been thinking of sharing the joy with a giveaway. I usually have a limited quantity of maximum personalized orders I set for myself per month, after all I'm still doing this gig one by one, on my own. For special times like Christmas the maximum bar is upped for a bit. Fortunately for you guys, this year, we have some numbers left! I might set the number a bit higher on purpose because I really do want a giveaway, or some printable might be accidentally left out by a runaway client (hint: oh, please don't ever, EVER, do this), but either way, the odd is in your favor.

So, please, bookmark the blog, I'll be announcing the giveaway real soon. I'm still making all these happened and preparing all the stuffs needed. See you *ehem* tomorrow! Save your seat!


  1. yay! excited for the giveaway :)

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