Monday, May 20, 2013

The 9th Workshop in a Box : World of Books

Just in case you've been "being Patrick" (living literally under the rock, get it? :D)  for the past 2 years, let me tell you this; everything you love and obsess about is now inside a box. It's been a craze everywhere, maybe the most noticeable is the beauty and make up box subscription, but almost everything is now can be found in a box. The premise is simple. It's mostly boiled down to : 1. you choose a box subscription and pay online, 2. they will customized your box to your personal preferences, 3. The box delivered to your doorstep each month. The best part is, of course, what's inside will all be a big surprise to you.Indonesians may be familiar with Beauty Treats, a box filled with, duh, beauty, make up, and skincare things. But, really, I have read there are baby and kids's clothing, food, even sport and health, gardening, and  pet products in a box. Well, who doesn't love surprises?

Crafters, rejoice. There. IS. Definitely. CRAFT boxesWorkshop in a Box (WAIB)!! This is also a pretty late introduction since, yes, as you may have realized there is a number 9 on my blog post title. Wow, Ning. *rolls eyes*

The box! 
My illustration of a French librarian lady-that has a nice ring to it- graze the box cover! Yay! 

Indonesian crafters, specially, let me introduce you to Workshop in a Box! (WAIB)

Anyho, WAIB was founded by two lovely ladies of the blogs dreamesh and liaspace, Amesh and Lia, respectively. Hold your horses, crafters, these boxes are not available for monthly subscription yet, but they offer more exciting alternative. Instead of delivering the box to your house, they hold a workshop and put up live tutorial/ craft class known as workshop, hence the name. The ladies themselves get their hands dirty teaching. How awesome is that? The downside is, you have to live in Jakarta. The good side is, YES you can still order WAIB previous boxes on their fanpage. The tutorial will be stored in a CD.

Pretty much everything you will receive! book making supllies! 

This is not the #9 workshop session. I steal this picture from dreamesh's blog post of #5 WAIB. 

I got mine this way too, and if a craft beginner like me could follow the instruction, your chance are high.
Babalisme is also proudly collaborated on this box and their first one! So, keep an eye of my printables from time to time in your WAIB box!

And some pop up elements to make your own vintage French inspired pop up card.


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