Monday, February 25, 2013

My Gratitude

Hello, there lovelies! Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm way behind my blogging schedule. Now that I am ready to get back to blogosphere, I want to thank and feature all lovely readers who had been using my printables! I know, I know.. I promised I blogged about all of your creative sparks sooner but life and work have gotten in my way. boo. I know. I'm sorry..

For the rest of you, bookmark my blog, I'll be having a GIVEAWAY soon! :)


Here are my list of long awaited nice and creative people who have been using babalisme's printables..

Autumn's son Will's turned one last year, and he appeared to turned into a super hero too!! 
Thank you for commissioning your superhero debut poster, Will!

And here he is in real life. Super cute, right? 

How crafty mom Autumn is? She made all this and all I made is the thank you tag! 

Heather's use of Matryoshka invitation suite. 

thesorensonsaga's  babushka 4th birthday party. 
That's my matryoshkas cupcake topper, if you haven't noticed ;) Thank you! 

ikatbag's  dress up link roundup! Thank you for having me! 

Stephanie did a great job on making a DIY quiet book for her daughter, do check her out! 
Thank you, Stephanie! 


  1. oh, so cute! love the DIY book <3 Steph did an amazing job, you too :) I loooove love LOVE painting too btw ^-^

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