Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Condolences

It's supposed to be the most joyous time of the year. I can't imagine what would Christmas be in Connecticut   , after the Sandy Hook tragedy.  I'm loss for words and deeply saddened by the massacre, especially because this time, it happened to children, happy innocent children who enthusiastically been looking forward for a Christmas cheer. Maybe their parents have wrapped and hidden their presents, tucked inside their cupboard with the children's name? Maybe they have been gone Christmas shopping together? Book a Christmas holiday, dinner, or a show for the family?

Losing a child, no mater how you experience it, at what stage of his/her life, is never ever easy. Be it through years on hospital bed, days in incubator, a terrible accident, or even a "mere" miscarriage. But maybe anger reign on a mass massacre tragedy, solely because there is an "executioner". But I don't know. I kinda feel that the shooter himself is the victim. Victim of what? Gun control? Media? Violence gaming? Can you really blame one thing? I simply don't know.  

My heart and prayers to all victim's family. I'm sorry for such a blabbering post, I am literally lost for words. It hurts inside, yet I have no words to express it. I will also never forget, courageous act done by teachers during the shooting, things that made them heroes, though I think they're already ones. God bless them all through this Christmas.


  1. It breaks my heart to think about it as well.

    I'm not sure if you are aware already, but the school's PTA is asking for snowflakes - as many snowflakes as we can make - to decorate their new school (the students at Sandy Hook are being displaced to another building since their current school remains a crime scene).

    They will hang the snowflakes on windows, bulletin boards, doors and walls. They will hang from the ceiling and from desks, and anything else they can think of.

    There is no such thing as too many snowflakes. The kids will be allowed to take some home, so they will be replenishing them daily - it's a fantastic idea. Please mail your snowflakes no later than January 12 to:

    Connecticut PTSA
    60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103
    Hamden, CT 06514

  2. Thank you for the info! no, I wasn't aware of the snowflake project, is it "paper" snowflake?

    I will mail some to the address. Thanks again for the info!

  3. Yes, it is paper snowflakes! Hopefully, some of your crafty readers will contribute as well!

  4. même en France, tout le monde a été très choqué en apprenant cette tragédie... c'est toujours si triste, de voir des petits partir mais, en plus, une maladie, ou un accident, c'est terrible, mais là... il n'y a pas vraiment de mots pour exprimer ce qu'on ressent... et, en même temps, je trouve tout aussi désespérant qu'un jeune homme puisse sombrer dans une telle folie, au point de s'en prendre à tous ces innocents, enfants et même les adultes qui ont cherché à les protéger... ce garçon a dû se retrouver dans une désolation et une détresse terribles pour faire une telle chose... je crois qu'on ne peut que prier pour tous et espérer qu'une telle chose n'arrive plus jamais...

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