Monday, December 12, 2011

Nativity Scene Printable!

It's beginning to look a lot like my favorite time of the year and .. 

...Babalisme's annual holiday printable is here!! this year I'm giving away a nativity scene for you to play. I am guest blogging at Design Dazzle for this one as a part of Toni's 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful, so grab your copy there by Design Dazzle! Here's a sneak peak.. 

Toni has also test drove the printables on a cookie sheet and using magnet paper for the dolls! Here's how it looks : 

Please don't stop on making the dolls purely as dolls. Hang them on a tree, use them as gift tags, or create your own modification! 

So what are you planning for this holiday? How do you decorate this year? Please share! 
And do share your own nativity scene printable if you happen to play with it :D 

Happy holiday! 


  1. Nice! Thanks!
    In Catalonia, on Christmas Eve, Catalan children receive their gifts and treats not from Santa Claus, but rather from El Tió. The  Tió is a smiley face log that you will find in Catalan homes from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception until Christmas Eve.  
    Catalan children are not passive participants . Catalan children have to work hard for their gifts. While singing a traditional Caga Tió song, they use sticks to beat the Caga Tió until he poops their gifts!
    Yes, you read that right - the Caga Tió poops gifts and sweets. In case you don't know Catalan, "cagar" is to poop. So, a "Caga Tió" is the Poop Log. Cute, huh. Well, I do think those smiling little Caga Tiós are quite sweet, so we just had to have one in our house. Children adore their Caga Tió. They treat him like a pet, making sure he is warm and well fed. 

    Caga tió!

    Kisses from Catalonia

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  4. so cute! I am so excited for Christmas !!

  5. I wish I had looked here before the holidays, LOVE the nativity set! I'll have to pin it for next year :)

  6. babalisme - you're awesome. thank you for creating such an amazing nativity scene and sharing it with our readers!

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  8. Any chance this can be free again? Love it!

  9. Would you mind sending me this in PDF?

  10. where can i go to print this? this is so cute? thanks.

  11. thank you for sharing these! I love the magnetic idea! shared this in my facebook page cause it's just too stinkin' cute :):)

  12. I would love this to make a felt nativity advent calendar. Where can I find the print out?

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