Saturday, September 3, 2011

All Ears

Hiya everyone! I'm back from a short trip and my do I feel recharged inside and physically exhausted at the same time! When I'm away I heard so many of you asking for this card in a more neutral mood. SO here it is everyone, the card in all occasion greetings. "thank you" and "best wishes". Kinda like 2 phrases in life you should have said the most, right? Feel free to download, click below, and don't forget to share your picture when you're using it.

Speaking of "phrases", maybe you have read it all over the net about JCP's slogan on girl t-shirt. No, I'm not going to moan or rant all over the blog for it, but I would like to share my "if" quote now. I grew up with lots of boys around me, 1 big brother and 2 boy cousins who always hang around the house and I call brothers as well. IF my mom had bought me that JCP t shirt and I had worn it, I would not have lived by now. :) Share your thoughts about the t shirt here! I'm in the mood for lending my ears!


  1. They are great! Thank you ;)

  2. I think the shirt sends a bad message, but like I told a friend of mine when she posted about it on facebook, I think there will always be girls who think looks are more important than intelligence as long as there are boys who agree with them.

    I did send you an email a few days ago. Don't worry though, I was waiting patiently for your response and I did not choose another winner. You can send your mailing address to HollyEmbry@gmail.com or if you have an etsy account you can reach me there at www.Hollyrocks.etsy.com. Congrats! I was so happy when I saw you were the winner. :-)

  3. Back here nobody takes t-shirt messages seriously or takes them at face value. Anyway bad slogan as it maybe it is gathering enough media mileage for that brand.

    Thank you for the gorgeous card download. It is so shabby chic!

  4. Hello naughty Ning, I'm so happy to receive your comment on my blog. Ha! How have you been doing? I did not change a new blog, I just blog less often now. Hee.

    Take care my friend! I'll pop by again soon. ;)

    Your Rheeeee

  5. Thanks for the lovely cards Ning! You're the best!

    Camila Faria

  6. These are amazing themes found here... Very interesting. Thanks a lot for the share.and very beautiful....

  7. Hahaha, what a funny tee! Too bad I do not have brothers!

    Welcome back home! :P

    By the way, since you're from Indonesia, do you know a band from there called Mocca? Last Saturday I went to its singer's wedding :).

    Have a fab day!


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  10. sangat kreatif :D
    sukses yya :)
    salam kenal

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  13. how come i can not, download it :(

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  15. This is a very pretty card, thank you for letting me download it. I saw it on pinterest.


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