Monday, June 27, 2011

Mmmmm.. Monsters!!

Another great ideas for summer party themes, this one is suitable for both gender you have at home. (Just in case your boys puke on the idea of matryoshka party)


Loving this orange-fuschia-neutral combo by spaceshipsandlaserbeams, it made the whole them bearable for pink addicted girls yet fun enough for the monstrous boys. And the dessert table do teach us that you don't have to craft an award winning cupcakes fondant nor cakepops, even slices of fruits make nice and eye catching dessert table food. Sorry, Amy Atlas, but this time I have to agree on the fact that not all moms have your budget and your team of bakers. Ditto for dessert table properties, what cupcake tiers?

Great ideas, great execution, great design. Simply love it. If I could vote, this maybe the best dessert table for summer. Not to mention the framed monster family pictures as the background! Too cute!

found via craftgossip.

ps. Another matryoshka printable coming right this week. This week's favorite alphabet definitely : M. What's yours?


  1. Cutest monster party I've ever seen!

  2. hi...
    its an amazing blog here i found. your group is showing good thiking. please keep posting... I am regular follower of your blog.

  3. These monster party goods are too cute for words! Love the cupcakes!

  4. I've never seen more adorable monsters! :)

    Have a fun week! ;)


  5. Hi..Lovely blog you have here, and so nice stuff you make!
    I have linked to your matryoshka party-gear at my own blog. I have used your picture as well... Hope it's okay. If not, leave a comment, and I will remove it!

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