Friday, November 5, 2010

Anthology Issue 1

If you're like me, who has more magazines on her rack than clean panties, you'll be thrilled of a new magazine about decor and lifestyle called Anthology. Judging by the cover and the blog, it's a kind of magazine I won't be throwing away in piles. They're having launching party at San Fransisco, lucky you if you live nearby, you can RSVP here. Sigh. Well, the rest of us can sneak peak a little here, and I'm already thrilled!

picture and news via OhJoy.

Anyway, in the mood for some braided pigtails and a little cuteness? Visit for more at All ThingsPeachesandCreams. Yay for playing with Halloweenie doll! Thank you, Taline!

One more question before I leave, have I gotten into the Xmas mood too early?


  1. No dear, you're not too early. My xmas tree was already up a month ago hehehe!

    Thanks for teh magazine link. Anthology looks fab!

  2. you're not Mbak Ning...
    Xmas is almost here!
    I really cant wait for christmas :D YAY

  3. I can't wait for Christmas either!
    I have post some Christmas shopping at my post already >w<

  4. it's November, so i'll let you off for the christmas thing. I'm not really there yet! Mind you, all the shops here have been selling christmassy things since October :-/
    Anthology looks lovely! xx

  5. the anthology is lovely
    wonder if it will be available here later on


  6. Anthology looks lovely, interesting cover. Thanx for sharing!

  7. I'll check that site right now. I love your new header :).

    Have fun this weekend!


  8. i love it when the christmas decorations are in the shops in september.. ithink i am the only one :) love your banner and love that little girl how cute!

  9. Now that is true braided cuteness. I really love that. The magazine looks great. I will check it off. I have a Home Jewelry show on December 10. I can't wait for Christmas until that is over...and I love Christmas!


  10. looks like I'm the only one here who thinks it's a bit early for christmas lol. In Canada it's customary to wait until after remembrance Day (Nov 11) to start with the christmas season but I see lots a people ignoring this 'rule' lately. it's a shame tho because it's a show of respect. I think dec 1st is the earliest we will put up any decorations. Love your printables btw!!

  11. Defininately not too early--I'm already starting to feel behind (plan B starting soon since not all gifts can be finished on time). We'll be baking cookies next weekend and decorating the house the following.

  12. Robin, is it like "thanksgiving" day? Well, here on my part of the world we only celebrate Christmas, and the idea of thanksgiving and remembrance day are not as familiar. :) so yes, we can even start hanging decorations even from June.

  13. I just discovered your blog & I love it !
    I become a follower :D.

  14. At first glance an interesting Anthology )) thanks for the link of the journal... your gallery is impressive on Devianart!!!

  15. Okay I JUST saw this post haha, talk about behind the times! Glad you enjoyed the pic of Miss Taline playing with the Halloweenie.


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